Campervans Conversions

Our conversions are custom-made with fully tailored layout and materials to suit your style and budget

East Bay Campers are your local camper van and motorhome conversion specialist. We build bespoke conversions to each customer’s requirements as well as standard layouts for couples, families and part time beach bums!
We pride ourselves on building the conversion that suits you, not just an off the shelf layout. We can use most types of base vans from the trusty VW Transporter up to the larger Peugeot Boxer size vans. Ultimately, the choice is yours and we work closely with you on the design and layout that suits your lifestyle.

We can also repair, refurbish and update your existing camper, from a simple replacement water pump to fibreglass panel repairs.

Deciding on your layout

What you want and what will fit may be two worlds apart

It's easy to get carried away when choosing all the features you would like to have in your camper van and end up not having enough room to actually use it!

We recommend on going to some motorhome shows/ dealers to have a look at what has been done before. Some things look great in a photo however can be totally impractical inside so going to have a look inside various different designs first will help you get a real feel for what will work best for you and give you a feel of the sort of space you will have and what size van is right for you.

Another very important this to consider when looking into what size van you require is that you must always remember that the bigger the van the harder it is to park and store when not in use. Yes you may be able to fit everything you could dream of into a bus sized van however trips to campsites, supermarkets and petrol stations all become a lot more difficult! So compromise on certain interior items is needed in most cases so you must think hard about what items are essential for your camper van and what you could do without.

If you already have your van, or have a particular model in mind its useful to draw a few designs out to size to get an idea of what layout you like the best, don't forget the wheel arches as these often get in the way of fridges, toilets, etc, so try to bare them in mind when planning your layout.

Our Conversions

Generally, all our furniture is made from lightweight furniture board and using Reimo trim we get a professional looking finish. But as all our furniture is made bespoke to your requirements so you are not limited to standard colours/finishes like most other companies and if you prefer a more rustic look, we have even incorporated recycled pallet wood for our cupboards to give it that different edge!

We also completely insulate every conversion by using carpet, vinyl or gloss trim, also fit the windows in the sides and skylights in the rooftop. We can fit a scope of various appliances including Smev sinks/hobs, 12v Fridges, Water Tanks, leisure batteries, solar panels, LED lighting, shower/toilet facilities obviously fitted with our fabulous cage systems for your pet while travelling.

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